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Rescued Metals offers quality surplus steel and aluminum at unbeatable prices. Check this page often for news and information about the products and services we have to offer. If you are in the market for some surplus steel or custom made metal artwork, you can Request a Quote, and someone will provide you with all the information you need.


Brass and Aluminum Recycling in Kalamazoo

Today, we’re discussing why aluminum and brass recycling is so effective, and how you can identify which materials to recycle.

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5 Steel Products from Your Kalamazoo Steel Distributor

Today, we’re exploring 5 different steel products we sell and the many applications our customers have for them.


What to Buy from Your Industrial Metal Supplier

Today, we’ll be discussing the different types of supplies we offer and how you can make the most from your Rescued Metals purchase.

Why Recycle with a Kalamazoo Metal Supplier?

We’re taking this month’s blog post to discuss the benefits of recycling your scrap metal with our team at Rescued Metals.

Rescued Metals & Equipment

Sell Your Surplus Steel for Extra Money

With the year coming to a close, you may be looking to unload some of the surplus steel in your inventory. Not only is it taking up physical space in your property that could be used for other purposes, but it could also help infuse cash into your business.

Metal Artwork and Other Unique Holiday Gifts

In addition to our extensive inventory of steel and aluminum products, Rescued Metals and Supply also offers metal artwork and a number of different items that make great gifts for the holiday season.

Get Surplus Steel and Aluminum for Your Fabrication Projects

Rescued Metals and Supply has a wide selection of surplus steel and aluminum for sale for a wide range of projects.

Rescued Metals & Equipment

We Buy and Sell Surplus Steel in Every Size and Shape You Need

Rescued Metals and Supplies is your top source for surplus steel in all the shapes and sizes you need for your next project. Whether you have a building construction project or you are working independently on smaller projects, we can provide you with quality surplus steel.

Turning Surplus Steel into Opportunities: Buy and Sell with Rescued Metals

Do you have surplus steel taking up space in your business or workshop? Don’t let that steel just lie around gathering dust. Bring it to Rescued Metals where you can get fair market value and allow that steel to be repurposed.

Quality Metal Services in Kalamazoo

Rescued Metals provides clients in Kalamazoo and the surrounding areas with quality steel in various forms at affordable prices.

Rescued Metals & Equipment

Custom Metal Signs to Decorate Your Space

Rescued Metals offers high quality surplus steel and other metal at prices that other suppliers cannot match. No matter what sort of project you have in mind, we can help you find the metal you need to complete the project successfully.

Welcome to Our New Website

Rescued Metals & Supply are proud to welcome you to our brand new website. Feel free to explore the new site for information about the types of surplus metals we purchase and sell to clients throughout the greater Kalamazoo area.


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