We Buy and Sell Surplus Steel in Every Size and Shape You Need

Rescued Metals and Supplies is your top source for surplus steel in all the shapes and sizes you need for your next project. Whether you have a building construction project or you are working independently on smaller projects, we can provide you with quality surplus steel and aluminum at a tremendous savings. We also pay fair prices to take the surplus metal you have around the shop off your hands. We have a great inventory of steel pipe, steel tube, steel round bar, steel bar grating, and sheet steel, so you should have no problem finding the right steel for your next project. In today’s post, we will discuss the numerous styles of surplus steel you can get from Rescued Metals and Supplies.

Get Sheet Steel Cut to Your Exact Specifications

We have a tremendous selection of sheet steel ranging from 8 gauge steel on up to 26 gauge. Not only can we provide the steel for you, but we also have shearing capabilities that allow us to cut the steel to your precise specifications. This saves you time and hassle from having to do it yourself, but it also means that your sheet steel will be ready to go as soon as you get it off the truck. We have galvanized, hot rolled, and cold rolled steel options, so we can supply the steel you need for whatever application you and your team are working on. Take a look at our selection of sheet steel options by clicking this link.

Steel Pipe, Steel Bar, and Steel Tubing for Specialty Projects

In addition to the sheet steel we offer, we have an ever-evolving inventory of steel in various forms for a wide variety of projects. From flooring options like diamond flooring plate and steel bar grating to steel channel, steel tube, steel pipe, and more, we can provide you with the steel you need cut to your exact measurements. We can even provide you with steel H beams and steel I beams for larger industrial projects. Take a look at the wide selection of steel products we offer by clicking this link.

We Pay for Your Surplus Steel

Do you have steel just sitting around your home, garage, or shop? We’ll be glad to pay a fair price to take it off your hands. Contact us for more information about all of our steel products and services.

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