Quality Metal Services in Kalamazoo

Rescued Metals provides clients in Kalamazoo and the surrounding areas with quality steel in various forms at affordable prices. We take surplus metal from a variety of sources and offer it to companies, artists, or do-it-yourselfers at a great savings, but we can also help make sure that metal is properly prepared for whatever project you have. From simple shearing and saw cutting to bending, hole punching, and more, we can cut metal to your exact specifications. Read further for more information about the metal services we offer to our customers at Rescued Metals.

Precision Plasma Cutting for Specialized Projects

With our state-of-the-art plasma cutting machine, we can cut your steel in just about any shape to your precise specifications. Whether you need a piece of metal cut for an art project, a fabrication job, or for creating custom replacement parts, our expert professionals will complete the work, resulting in the perfect shape you need to complete your work.

Saw Cutting for Rods, Pipe, and Tubing

If you need flat bar steel, steel pipes, or steel tubing, we can cut it to whatever length you need for your work. We have an ever-evolving inventory of these products and many others that can be custom cut to the size you are looking for, saving you money and reducing the chances of surplus when the project is done.

Shearing Sheet Metal

We have large sheets of metal that are perfect for larger industrial projects, but we know that not everyone needs sheet metal in those larger sizes. Rescued Metals has a larger shearer machine that we can use to cut sheet metal down to more manageable sizes for smaller fabrication and metal art projects.

Effective Metal Bending Service

For some projects you may need metal bent into a specific shape or angle. We have specialized equipment that allows us to bend metal to the shape you need for your next fabrication project.

We Can Handle Your Metal Hole Punching Needs

If you have a fabrication or assemble project that requires holes to be punched in the metal for whatever reason, Rescued Metals can complete this work for you to ensure the metal is ready for the next phase in the process.

With a great selection of surplus steel available and quality metal services, Rescued Metals has solutions for all your metal fabrication project needs. Contact us for more information about how we can help you find the right surplus metal for your next project today.