Custom Metal Signs to Decorate Your Space

Rescued Metals offers high quality surplus steel and other metal at prices that other suppliers cannot match. No matter what sort of project you have in mind, we can help you find the metal you need to complete the project successfully within even the tightest budgets, but we also have sheering and plasma cutting capabilities for custom parts and signs perfect for just about any application. In today’s post, we will discuss some of the projects that we can help with our custom services.

Steel Cut to Your Exact Dimensions

Steel fabrication and construction requires precision to ensure that the project has the stability and durability you need. However, cutting steel can be a difficult process without the proper equipment. Rescued Metals can help ensure that you have steel properly cut for any project you undertake. Our equipment allows us to cut steel as large as 5 feet by 10 feet and up to ¾ of an inch thick. Whether you just need sheet metal cut to size, or you need us to use our plasma cutting machine for precision cutting, our team can provide you with the style and size of metal you need to ensure a successful project, no matter how big or small.

We Can Create Custom Metal Signs

Our state of the art plasma cutting machine has the capability to take your custom design and bring it to life as a custom steel sign. These signs are great for everything from restaurant and business décor to man caves, garages, workshops, and more. We have several styles you can order from our Artwork Website, but there is nearly no limit to the designs our talented can recreate using our equipment. If you have a specific design in mind as a housewarming gift, a birthday present, or just to add some style to your own space, let us know about your project, and we will work with you to bring your vision to life. We are sure that you will be completely satisfied with the looks of your custom metal sign that will last you for decades.

We at Rescued Metals also have a great selection of gift items, tools, supplies, road signs, and repurposed steel for just about any application or project you’re working on. View our Steel Products page for more information about what we offer, or stop by to see the selection for yourself.

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