Custom Metal Services Offered by a Kalamazoo Metal Supplier

Here at Rescued Metals, we believe that rescuing metals means more than just saving them from being wasted. Instead, as a metal supplier that’s served Kalamazoo for years, we believe the truly rescuing metals means giving them a fresh start.

To us, transforming metals from junk to treasure is the essence of rescuing metals. Here, we’re able to transform metals thanks to the wide variety of services we offer to all of our customers. But you may be wondering: what types of services do we offer, and why are they so important? Well in this month’s blog post, we’re exploring 3 services we offer as a metal supplier and how you can take advantage of them.

1. Plasma Cutting

To cut your metal to specification, we take advantage of the fourth, underappreciated state of matter: plasma.

Plasma cutting is the preferred method for cutting conductive metals for thicknesses up to 50mm and can cut even thicker metals on request. And despite its fancy name, plasma cutting is actually a surprisingly affordable option compared to other methods of making medium-thickness cuts.

Plasma cutting is often used for: automotive production, heavy equipment manufacturing, and metal arts and designs.

2. Metal Shearing

Shearing is a simpler sort of process than plasma cutting, but don’t be fooled—shearing is one of the most efficient ways to customize metal.

In a nutshell, metal shearing is the process of cutting through sheet metal using a blade. By attaching the blade to a machine that can make quick, precise slices through the metal without having to heat it.

Metal shearing is often used for: manufacturing, food processing, and aerospace.

3. Saw Cutting

Continuing the trend of similar-but-different services, we also offer metal saw cutting. As the name implies, saw cutting employs the use of a saw to prepare materials such as tubing, rods, and channels for welding. Many people prefer saw cutting because it can be used with a wide variety of metals, making it a viable solution for a wide array of metal needs.

Metal saw cutting is often used for: architecture, chemical processing, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.

As Kalamazoo’s favorite metal supplier, our team here at Rescued Metals is here to provide any metal service you need. For more information on the metal services we provide, click here to contact us today!